The Method of Steam Carpet Cleaning -Deep Clean Guaranteed

Have the expensive carpets that once enhanced the charm of your home in Waxhaw become dirty and dull? That is quite heart-wrenching? Right! It could also be hampering the appearance of your home as well as the health of you and your loved ones! You must look for a reliable cleaning service near Waxhaw NC to deal with your dirty carpets carefully.

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned experts suggest that for deep cleaning one should opt for steam carpet cleaning in Waxhaw NC. However, many homeowners do not understand the process of steam cleaning, how it works and the advantages of it. Are you one of them who are confused about this method of carpet cleaning? Then go through the following post and clarify all your doubts regarding the method.

Why steam carpet cleaning? Let us find out below –

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as hot water extraction cleaning or deep cleaning. It is a process that uses hot water at a high pressure through a steamer for agitating the fibers of the carpet which then breaks down the dirt and provides a deep clean. Once the cleaning agent used settles down in the carpet, a carpet cleaning equipment is used for rinsing the cleaning agent thoroughly. After a thorough rinsing the carpet is left for drying at room temperature or air conditioned room.

Steam carpet cleaning is the only known method that removes up to 98 percent of dirt and bacteria from the carpets. It is also the only cleaning method that reaches to the lowest layer of your carpets for a thorough cleaning. All these and more are the reasons that make steam carpet cleaning the best method to deal with tough stains.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – A Champion

What makes steam carpet cleaning a champion among other methods is its deep-clean action. However, there are several other reasons behind this title. Let us have a look at some of these –

  • Top-grade stain and dirt removal: The hot water used in the process when hits the fiber beneath the carpet, the bonds holding dirt and stain compounds to those fibers get weakened and hence breaks down. Removing these weakened dirt and stain becomes easier. The heat also works on the deepest layers of the carpet offering a thorough cleaning than vacuuming, or any other cleaning method.
  • Killing of Bacteria and Mites: When dirt gets accumulated in the carpets it attracts bacteria, molds, fungi and dust mites. And removing these microorganisms using traditional cleaning methods becomes tougher. But with steam carpet cleaning the heat of the steam kills those tiny invaders.
  • Safe Cleaning: Usually, homeowners think that intensive cleaning might damage their valuable carpets, but that is not the case with this method. Steam cleaners do not use chemicals. With this method of cleaning the pollutants get sterilized and hence removed.


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