Common Metal Roofing Problems and Fixes

No matter how much money a product costs or how well it’s cared for, problems can still occur. And metal roofs are no different. While long-term problems tend to happen less frequently than with asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, there are some common issues that could arise with your metal roof. In this article, the best metal roofing supplier in Atlanta, GA, will discuss some common metal roofing problems and how they can be fixed!

Metal Roofing Supplier Atlanta GA

Oil Canning:
Oil canning is one of the most hotly debated topics in metal roofing. This phenomenon can be difficult to define, but there are a number of reasons that it may occur:

• Overproduction: Pressure during the coiling process can lead to overproduction of the metal.

• Coil slitting and roll forming panels can cause frequent stress.

• Insufficient space between the panels allows them to expand and contract, which can damage them.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of oil canning, including:

• Investing in a thicker metal

• Rib rollers can help to soften the look of a panel by breaking up the flat space.

• Choosing a low-gloss or matte finish can help reduce the visibility of oil canning.

We hate to tell you this, but a leaky roof is no fun. In addition to the expense of getting it fixed, there’s also the headache of worrying about other items in your home or building being damaged by water. Metal roofs are subject to leaks (and some can be due to human error). A leaking roof could be caused by one or more of these common uncontrollable events:

• Structural damage
• Wind
• Heavy rain
• Ice damming
• Heavy snow
• Other weather phenomenon

It can sometimes be hard to tell whether a leak is due to installer error or not, but you can reduce the likelihood of leaks by choosing a reputable contractor with a good track record of quality installs.

Scuffing & Scratching:
Metal roofing can get scratched at any point in its life, but most manufacturers take care to ensure that the metal is free from scratches before it leaves the factory. However, it is possible for roll formers and installers to mishandle coils and panels during the rollforming and installation process. This could happen when:

• If the metal is not properly coiled or recoiled, it could rub together and cause the coating to wear off.

• Carriers do not use proper lifting equipment when handling the coil

• Edge guards are not used to protect the edges of sheets when they ship.

If you notice a scratch or scuff in your metal panels, get in touch with your Metal Roof Supply Company in Atlanta, GA immediately. They will likely be able to fix the problem with a paint or touch-up pen designed to match the color of the roof. If it’s a deep gouge that goes down to the core of the metal, though, that piece should be replaced immediately. Feel free to call us at 470-999-9997 or visit our website

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