Enhance Your Business Image with Pressure Washing and Power Washing

Keeping your commercial property and parking lot areas clean reaps several benefits. For example, you’ll see reduced repair costs through the prevention of damage. Also, a clean aesthetic is itself, an advertisement, attracting and retaining customers and staff. And it maintains a safe and healthy environment for them.

These benefits hold for many commercial properties such as grocery stores, shopping centers, strip malls, and parking lots. Before we jump in, let’s go over the difference between pressure washing and power washing. Both utilize controlled, high-pressure water to clean.

  • Pressure washing uses cold water, which is good for blasting away substances like dirt, mud, grime, moss, and mold. It can be used on wood, walls, sidewalks, patios, gutters, fencing, outdoor furniture, company vehicles, and more.
  • Power washing utilizes the same method of controlled, high-pressure water, but uses hot water instead. This is just what’s needed to remove grease and oils from surfaces like parking lots and parking garage floors. It’s also great for harder-to-remove or stubborn substances like dried gum, food, or droppings.

No one has time to clean a commercial property by hand. You need professional pressure washing and power washing as it has their advantages. They do it much faster and do a more thorough job. 


Preventing damage

Things get worse if we live in a dirty place for a long time and we all know about it. It starts with staining and steadily progresses toward corrosion and rot. The build-up of dirt, moisture, and organic matter might deteriorate your space. This is true for wood, brick, metal, concrete, etc. Periodically commercial power washing services remove these substances. 


We take our health seriously so we wear the appropriate gear when cleaning your property.  substances like dirt, oil, mold, mildew, pollution, pollen, and bird droppings are not safe to continuously be around or be breathing in. It’s definitely not good for business when visitors or employees associate your property with sneezing, sniffling, coughing, or other adverse health reactions. Call a pressure washing in Dublin to wash your commercial exteriors & remove the allergy particles in the environment


Commercial parking lots present additional risks. It hardly needs to be said that safety on your property is paramount. Power Washing your parking lot is very important right now. Pressure washing will remove the buildup of grease and oil on driving surfaces It will avoid the potential for more slips and falls on the area.


People get attracted to the beautiful property. Bright and shiny surfaces and immaculate grounds, clear of debris, garbage, and dirt are a delight to be around. Pressure washing might not seem like a big deal, but it matters much to keep the space clean and create feelings of well-being. Commercial pressure washing away dirt, moss, mildew, algae–you name it–is not just satisfying, it’s noticeable! That will make people happy.

How often for power washing or pressure washing?

Cleaning your property twice a year is optimal. Once in the fall clean away the dust, dirt, pollution, and pollen buildup deposited over the summer. Call ProCLean today to discuss the commercial pressure & power service for your commercial property before things get worse. They have the right equipment, skill & experience to clean all types of commercial properties. They also know which cleaning solutions to use and how much pressure to use for different surfaces. The expertise and experience they’ve accumulated doing this professionally for years enable them to be efficient, meticulous, and thorough. Call ProCLean today to know more about their service.

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