How Much Does Sofa Or Upholstery Cleaning Cost In Fulham?

Do you have lavished upholstered furniture or sofa and you wish it needs cleaning? Upholstery enhances the comfort of rigid furniture, but regrettably, it tends to attract stains. Stains can make valuable furniture less attractive. 

Are you planning to discard, reupholster, donate, or sell a stained upholstery furniture for less than it’s worth? consider professional upholstery cleaning before making such a decision. Right sofa cleaning company in Fulham, their equipment, skill and expertise, can restore the dull sofa or upholstery furniture to its new condition. 

How much does upholstery cleaning cost in Fulham? Is it worth paying to have an old piece of furniture cleaned? Here’s what you can expect. 

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Average Cost of Professional Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning 

The cost of sofa or upholstery cleaning varies based on a variety of factors. On average, the cost of cleaning an upholstered armchair would be between ₤ 60 and ₤ 100. A sofa may be somewhere between ₤ 00 and ₤ 300. Where the actual cost estimate falls within the average range depends on the situation. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Sofa or Upholstery Cleaning 

The following factors may influence the cost of professional upholstery cleaning services:

  • Size of the furniture. Upholstery cleaning is sometimes priced by the size of the furniture. The type of material that needs to be cleaned also matters when deciding the cleaning price. Cleaning an upholstery chair will cost less than a loveseat or couch because there is less material. A large sofa may cost more than a standard sofa. 
  • Type of material. The type of material the upholstery is made of may also affect the cost. Suede, leather, silk, and other premium-quality materials may cost more than cotton, wool, and polyester. 
  •  Age of the furniture. The age of the furniture is also a factor in deciding the upholstery cleaning cost. An antique piece may cost more to clean than a newer item because it is worth more. It can’t be replaced easily. 
  • Extent of the stains. The number of stains as well as the type of stains on your upholstery may also affect the cost. Removing one small stain will cost less than cleaning the entire upholstery that is dirty or discoloured. Pet stains and odours may increase the cleaning cost because they are difficult to remove. 
  •  Where you live. Your location is also a factor in deciding the impact on the cost of upholstery cleaning services. Larger cities and densely populated areas tend to increase the cost of cleaning services as well. The distance that you live from the cleaning service can also play a part, as well as how easily accessible your home is. 

Is Upholstery Cleaning Worth the Cost? 

When evaluating the cost of upholstery cleaning, consider the furniture’s condition and your plans for it. If stains or odours render it unusable, professional cleaning is less expensive than replacement. Stained furniture also sells for less, if at all. Therefore, upholstery cleaning is a wise investment if you plan to continue using the furniture or sell it. 

Fully Carpet Clean is Affordable 

Before discarding stained furniture, consider professional upholstery cleaning Fully Carpet Clean. They are affordable, effective cleaning services that gently restore delicate fabrics and antiques. With experience handling all upholstery types, they can breathe new life into your lavished furniture. For exceptional upholstery cleaning in Fulham Contact Fully Carpet Clean at 02070 960636 for a free estimate.