How to Eliminate the Three Common Enemies of Your Favorite Area Rug

Area rugs are essential components that make or break the entire look of the home space. The homeowner must take the initiative to take special care to upkeep such decorating elements and keep them as clean as new. Taking the assistance of a reliable area rug cleaning in Charlotte, NC, can be superior assistance to keep the area rug and the home look elegant and graceful. Clean area rugs give a new look to your home. Any neglect in the cleaning process or regular cleaning will lead to dust collection and make your space unhygienic & abnormal. Most homeowners don’t know the common enemies of their area rugs and how to keep them spik and span. Let’s have a quick brief on some of the common elements that cause damage to your costly investments.


Most people never think of shoes as the biggest enemy of rugs and carpets. But, have you ever imagined when you enter your home with shoes that carry so much dust and harmful bacteria? No wonder your carpet is looking clean and healthy still; it will receive all those bacteria and dust particles that come with your shoes. The best way to prevent the costly area rugs or carpets from being ruined by dirt and contamination is to prohibiting the outdoor footwear from entering into your home or the floors covered with such rugs. Make a rule not to wear outdoor footwear inside your home! Using the mats or rugs at the gate of high-traffic areas is a wise way to reduce the dirt or bacteria from the area rugs or carpets.

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The most prominent enemy of the carpet is a spill and pet accident. But you may not be removed from such hard-to-remove spots. You cannot avoid the incidents, but you can get rid of such issue by taking care of such spills as soon as the spill happen. Shoe polish, coffee, wine, and lipstick are a few kinds of stains that can be very tough to eliminate. It is essential to call a professional area rug cleaning in Charlotte, NC, with the skill, experience, and advanced stain or spill fighting agents to remove it permanently. They can remove the tough to handle spill or stain without doing any harm to the carpet fibers. 


Pets can bring comfort and joy to your house! It would be best if you accepted the fact that they are one of the crucial enemies of your lavished area rug. Pet accidents can bring biological contaminants into the home. Even clean and well-groomed pets may carry traces of urine, dander’s, and many other things. Regular vacuuming and professional rug cleaning assistance, along with the setting ground rules, can be supportive to keep the area rugs clean. 

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It is essential to do a deep clean on your carpets once a year. It will help you save your area rug from the above threats. A specialized area rug cleaning in Charlotte, NC, like Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning, will help you provide exceptional service beyond expectation. They assure you there will be no such footmarks, spillages, and pets stains penetrate deeper and deeper into your rugs & carpets. They preserve your area rug’s appearance and cleanliness and help you have a pleasant relationship with carpet and pets. For more information, please contact them at (704)790-9025 today!