How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Workspace with Commercial Cleaning Services in Southampton

People may talk about the dirtiest places in offices. They are the grimiest, grossest areas and pieces of equipment which you encounter every workday. You cannot ignore the toilets, door handles and lift buttons. What about your desk? It seems to be a place that harbours 200 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. So, let’s get to know the unseen enemy in your office. What are these germs in our offices? What harm can they do? And how can you stop them attacking you?


Know your enemy: the germs 

Germs possess an eerie quality as they predominantly remain unseen to the naked eye. You can only really sense bacteria when they’ve run away and bloomed into whole ecosystems. Active germs Bacteria, viruses, and fungi thrive in office spaces and can harm the people inside the commercial space. Be careful to get rid of such germs with the help of a reliable commercial cleaning service.


Bacteria in commercial space come in all shapes and sizes. They are harmful. They have the potential to induce harmful infections and diseases if they manage to enter our bodies. They can infiltrate through various means, such as cuts on our skin, our respiratory system, our oral cavity, or even our eyes. Unsanitary conditions in toilets and kitchen areas can facilitate the spread of harmful bacteria. The symptoms they can cause range from a minor upset stomach to severe illnesses that require hospitalization.



We’re more aware of viruses than ever before. Viruses are very different organisms from bacteria. Viruses can impact us and infiltrate our bodies in comparable manners. Viruses have the potential to disseminate swiftly in an office setting. They spread through various means such as airborne transmission, contact with contaminated surfaces, or close interactions with individuals. influenza virus, rhinovirus, and norovirus are among the most prevalent viruses in office environments!


Fungi are not as prevalent, yet they can thrive in various commercial settings. They tend to flourish in locations with elevated moisture levels and inadequate airflow. Carpets and air conditioning ducts are particularly susceptible to becoming ideal breeding grounds for fungi. The primary concern in such situations is the development of mould, which poses a threat to everyone’s health. It is harmful to people suffering from asthma and compromised immune systems.


How to get rid of those unseen enemies in your office?

It will need a commercial cleaning strategy. Establishing and upholding a sterile work environment necessitates more than simply performing cleaning tasks. You need an expert commercial cleaning service in Southampton to deal with the procedures. They have knowledge and awareness about basic hygiene. They also understand that cleanliness & hygiene is a cornerstone of infection prevention and control in an office. Maintaining a consistent cleaning routine is always crucial. It stops the spreading of illness and bacteria in the workplace. As a conscientious employer, it is imperative to schedule commercial cleaning services regularly to avoid pest issues and maintain a clean office environment.


It is imperative to utilize disinfectants to eliminate germs on surfaces and areas that are frequently touched. They use the best quality disinfectants with proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of pathogens. With a regular commercial cleaning service from Southampton Cleaners, you can fetch multiple benefits.  They can assist you in upholding high standards of hygiene at your commercial establishment. The trained hygiene experts at Southampton Cleaners will focus on certain major issues in specific regions in your office. So, when it comes to considering commercial floor cleaning, consider Southampton Cleaners for the best commercial services.

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