Pros and Cons of Metal Siding Homeowners Need To Know

For good reason, metal siding is growing in popularity among homeowners worldwide. Because of its durability, long lifespan, ease of upkeep, and wide range of styles, metal sidings can be a good option. Here are all the pros and cons you need to know about residential metal siding if you’re thinking of updating the siding on your home or if you want to add siding to a new construction.


What Are the Pros of Metal Siding:

Durability: Residential steel siding is robust and incredibly long-lasting. It adapts to all weather conditions with ease and is resistant to cracking, warping, and corrosion. Residential steel siding is one of the hardest materials available due to its capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions including strong winds and thunderstorms.

Low Upkeep: Any type of home maintenance requires both time and money. Metal needs a lot less upkeep than other types of home siding. Unlike other materials, residential steel siding doesn’t absorb heat or moisture, so there is no need to clean your siding yearly or worry about mildew or fungus growing on it. Just install and enjoy years of maintenance-free siding.

Energy Efficient: Residential metal siding is energy-efficient, much like metal roofs. Due of its reflecting qualities, it can deflect the sun’s UV rays away from your house. As a result, homeowners benefit from lower energy costs.

Pest Hate It: If you’ve ever dealt with a bug issue, you are aware of how much they enjoy hiding behind siding. Residential steel siding is repellent to pests like termites, in contrast to other materials like wood. With metal siding, you don’t need to worry of using pesticides.

What Are the Cons Of Metal Siding:

Dents: Metal siding may be more prone to dents depending on the metal type and thickness you select. It is advised to select a thicker gauge of material for your home steel siding to prevent denting from happening.

Higher Upfront Cost: Although the initial cost of metal siding may be slightly higher than that of other materials, many homeowners believe the investment is well worth it. The initial cost is a very minor disadvantage considering its strength, low maintenance requirements, and long lifespan!

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