What Not To Do After You Have Experienced A Fire Damage In Your Home?

There are no shortages of people who’d like to advise you regarding what should you do if you experience a fire damage – secure the property, contact your insurance firm, call a Glenview fire damage restoration team, and so on. Something a lot of people won’t say you are ‘what you shouldn’t do during a fire hazard’. Being the most hired fire damage restoration service in Glenview, IL, we’d like to help you in this matter. Let’s find out:


  • Don’t try to save any food stuff, including canned foods, which were experienced fire damage. The extreme heat of the fire can make them hazardous to consume. They must be thrown away & in some circumstances, you can enumerate the price to substitute them as part of your insurance claim.fire-damage-img
  • Don’t try to handle fire ash & remains by yourself. You could end up damaging your ceilings, walls and other important surfaces if you slightly mishandle the fire. You may also experience respiratory problems during the course. Just leave it to the experts!
  • If there was intense smoke, don’t attempt to rescue upholstered furniture or carpeting. They should be replaced so that they can’t prompt any respiratory issues.
  • Don’t activate any electrical gadget, encompassing computer systems, which were inside a smoke filled room prior to they’ve been checked and cleaned professionally. There may be debris and ash inside the electrical appliances, and if you activate them, you certainly risk damaging them.
  • Don’t get into the house until you’ve told it’s secure to do so. If you’re not provided that clearance because of structural integrity problems, don’t come inside. Your life is more precious than the premises you stay that you’re hoping to save. Let an expert deal with that from your side.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro, we wish you to be safe following your house experienced fire damage. We offer emergency fire damage restoration in Glenview, IL – be it a commercial property or a residential one. We have the skill and equipment to get your home restored after fire damage. We can also work with your insurance firm to make the fire damage restoration less hectic for you. Get a free quote now! Call us on 847-724-9800.

5 thoughts on “What Not To Do After You Have Experienced A Fire Damage In Your Home?

  1. This post provides crucial advice on what not to do after experiencing fire damage. It’s essential to avoid handling fire-damaged food, furniture, and electronics yourself due to potential health risks and further damage. Trusting professional fire damage restoration services in Glenview, IL, ensures your safety and proper handling of the situation. Your well-being is paramount, so always wait for clearance before re-entering your home.

  2. “Knowing what not to do during a fire damage situation is crucial for safety and recovery. Following these guidelines from Glenview’s top fire damage restoration service can help protect lives and property effectively. Stay informed and stay safe!”

  3. Great fire damage advice in Glenview! Don’t risk your health or possessions – call ServiceMaster for expert restoration. From smoke removal to electronics cleaning, they’ll handle it all. Safety first – let the pros restore your home!

  4. Thanks for the valuable blog post about what not to do after experiencing fire damage. Your advice on avoiding potentially hazardous actions, such as handling fire-damaged food and trying to clean up ash yourself, is crucial for ensuring safety. Highlighting the importance of professional assistance in these situations helps readers understand how to properly handle the aftermath of a fire.

  5. When dealing with fire damage, it’s crucial to know what not to do to ensure safety and avoid further damage. Avoid salvaging food items exposed to fire as they may be unsafe to consume. Don’t handle fire ash and debris yourself; it can cause respiratory issues and further damage your property. Refrain from rescuing upholstered furniture and carpeting affected by smoke. Never activate electrical devices from smoke-filled rooms before professional cleaning. Most importantly, don’t enter the property until it’s declared safe. Trust professionals like Glenview Fire Damage Restoration to manage the situation safely and effectively.

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